About Christina

Hello and thanks for stopping by my website.

I'm a freelance photographer, writer, artist and adventurer who is inspired by unique and creative people and unusual and interesting places. Nurturing a deep connection to the world around me fulfills and challenges me and I am constantly hot on the heels of my muse as she spurs me ever onward towards new opportunities.

I'm drawn to photograph and write from the inside out; that is to say, I see first with my heart and then with my eye. My visual and literary expressions are a depiction of my gratitude for the abundance of earth's sacred places and the individuals and animals who inhabit it. I believe that we are all stewards of this wondrous planet, and that we ought to attend to the protection of its breathtaking fragiity.

My early years were spent exploring the rural farming community where I was raised. Life among the fields and hills and vast open spaces instilled in me a deep and profound love and respect for nature and for the creatures who share the sacred spaces alongside us. Thus, my love of nature photography grew.

Also etched on my heart are vivid images of my grandparent's soft wrinkled faces and their rough, callused hands, the dusty, sunburned faces of the young farm hands, and the deeply furrowed brows of the men, women and children working the land. These memories of everyday individuals moving through their lives nudged me towards a passion for portrait photography, especially non traditional black and white images.

My art is dedicated to those whose lives have touched my own , who have each in their own way taught me the power of love, the mercy of forgiveness, the grace of letting go and the joy of simplicity.

I donate 10% of proceeds from all sales of my work to local, national and international animal rescue organizations. Thank you for your support!